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Dan Seidman

Keynote speaker and authority on the improvement of sales professionals and sales processes, Dan Seidman is the author of the #1 best-seller, Sales Autopsy and four other books. He was recognized for his work as The International Sales Training Leader of the Year. This award comes from his ability to upgrade selling methods by using the latest research on buyer motivation and decision-making. His training skills have earned him the title, Trainer to the World’s Sales Trainers from Willis Turner, CEO of Sales & Marketing Executives International. Dan is a World Masters Athlete with 3 Gold Medals playing for U.S Basketball. World Masters Games are Olympic sports for athletes over 35. Dan was discovered and recruited to the team by former NBA player Harvey Catching’s who met him when Dan was the leading scorer in a Chicago-area league.

Dan Seidman

Dan’s first sales role was in the search/ hiring industry making $600 draw a month. He rose to take over an office with 15 salespeople and began the learning curve of both leading and training people who sell for a living. As a competitive athlete, Dan brought the fire, work ethic and consistency he applied on the basketball court to our profession. Many lessons he learned as a competitor in sport are now used to help sellers adapt new behaviors that help them take more money home to their families.

Dan Seidman

Dan has created a suite of sales training programs to improve rep performance. His anchoring phrase is GREAT SALES PROS CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE. They know what can happen, so they know what will happen and they are never surprised. This is never more true when getting resistance from buyers. The Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool is one of his top programs. It is designed with your sales team and can be implemented to reduce or eliminate buyer resistance.

Other top programs?
Coach sellers to Debrief themselves (acting as managers)
Identify their top 5 Power Questions
Pain vs. Gain to identify which of these motivate your buyer best
Reading (Hidden) Emotions and more
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“Dan, when we ran your Hell Week strategy, we registered 500 actual sales or commitments to buy, beyond our normal levels. You are now my new best friend.”

National Sales Manager, Fundraising Organization

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