Dan Gets Fired

Dedication to Getting Fired

Are you inspired by people who build you up or those that did you wrong?

To Jerry S. who fired me from my first selling job almost 30 years ago. I was a rookie headhunter, doing recruitment work in the medical field. Some clients had flown into Chicago from New York during a terrible snowstorm. They had to make a decision quickly, then run back to the airport. I used my boss’ office (he was at lunch) for an impromptu meeting where I finalized the sale. Jerry returned and was more angry at my breaking a rule than doing a deal. “You disobeyed me by using my office to close a sale. It is now 2:35pm and you are no longer employed here.” I walked to the door and stopped, my hand on the handle. I then refused to leave, telling him “I am the best performer you have and asking me to go is a bad decision.” He stared at me and said “Okay, get back to work. Just don’t tell anyone we had this conversation.” Thanks, Jerry, for letting me close you on continuing in this career.

To Ron C. my basketball coach who said I’d never play beyond high school. Now, decades after playing 4 years of college ball, I’ve had the opportunity to represent the United States in World Masters Competition, winning 3 gold medals (so far). Thanks, Ron for pushing me to prove you wrong. The sport has also taught me a lesson I take into my profession every day that I sell.

I hate losing more than I enjoy winning.

Now to those who build me up.

I’m inspired by the barn owl who’s hooting outside my bedroom window at night. And during the day, the woodpecker that’s hammering away at the house, looking for food (don’t tell my wife about the woodpecker, she’s embarrassed he’s damaging the property). Why these birds? Nature has ways of revealing itself in a spectacular array of variety. Colors, shapes and sounds. On the ground, in the air, in the sea (if you’ve never scuba dived, you’re missing something special). And that variety is exactly what we see in people across this planet. As a sales pro, I appreciate individual uniqueness and continue to learn to adjust to get in synch with everyone I meet.

But mostly I’m inspired and dedicate this work to my Princess Bride, Wendy, with whom I constantly celebrate our marriage by arguing — who is smarter – me for marrying her, or her for marrying me?

You can divide the world into people who make good decisions and those that don’t. You made a great decision to pick up this book. I trust you’ll recognize the wisdom of that decision and use this tool to improve the performance of your sales team, as well as your career.

Dan Seidman, Barrington, IL

(from The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training)