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Dan Seidman is the founder of  SALES AUTOPSY™. He keynotes from his library of 600+ hilarious selling stories collected over 20 years in sales, managing, coaching and training.

As an internationally-recognized columnist, Dan’s regular business humor columns are read by almost 2 million monthly readers. His writing appears in Advantages Magazine, Health Insurance Underwriter, Agent’s Sales Journal, Independent Agent Magazine, Insurance News Net Magazine, and more.

His Sales Autopsy Training Experience was recently recognized by Selling Power Magazine’s Sales Excellence Awards as a Finalist in the Sales Training Category.

Dan has created some unique products that help sales professionals laugh and learn their way through a tough business. These unusual items include;



The Sales Comic Book: There is nothing like it on this planet, possibly any planet!

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Revenge of the Reps video game

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Sales Horror Stories! CD

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Dan has authored the #1 Business Best-seller Sales Autopsy

The book is endorsed by Brian Tracy, Jeffrey Gitomer, Bill Brooks, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Brian Lambert, Jeffrey Fox and other selling experts.
He has previously written The Death of 20th Century Selling and is a contributing author to five books;
21st Century Selling
The Obvious Expert: Turbocharging your Consulting or Coaching Business Now!

The E-Code: 33 Internet Superstars
Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters
Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters

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Media Recognition

Over 200 articles and interviews were filed about Dan Seidman during the first 18 months of the launch of
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Contact Dan Seidman for a humorous and dynamic interview; 1-847-359-7860 or


Quick Tips, perfect for sales meetings!
Sales Training Iguanas
Outlaws, Sheriffs and Selling
February 14th for Sales Reps
Fouling the Competition…
Selling & Stuffed Animals
Capgras Syndrome and Suffering Sales Managers
Poorly-paid Insects
Forgetting the Tooth Fairy
Koala Bears & Great Questions…
And more!

Advantages Magazine articles
Becoming an Angel (your personal venture capital)
Two Reps, Two Tales, One Lesson (mentors)
Trade Show Trauma (a PG-13 sales tale)
Sales Tourists
The 800 Pound Lie of Guerrilla Marketing
Entrepreneur Meets his Dream Sales Manager (recruiting/hiring trouble)
Why you should never ask Why? (old sales tactics)
Got any Goodies to Give? (a PG-13 sales tale about revenge!)
Selling Power Magazine Video Interviews

Sales Horror Stories!
Downloadable video, audio, text and comic format

Contact Dan to re-publish any of these articles in your magazine or company newsletter or to discuss his role writing a regular column for you. 1-847-359-7860 or

 Dan Seidman is available to keynote conference events and do dynamic sales training. Look here for details