Sales Seminars from Sales Autopsy
Sales Seminars from Sales Autopsy

Creative, Unique, Useful & Humorous Sales Seminars from a Selling Pro


Here are 3 questions that world class sales pros can answer and set on:

  1. Who are you competing with? (hint: It's just one person and it's not yourself)
  2. What is the #1 problem encountered by anyone who sells anything? (the answer gets sales mangers' head's nodding quickly when they hear it)
  3. What is your responsibility on a call? (hint: there are plenty of responses; educate, close, etc . - but the right answer is correct 100% of the time)
Sales Seminars by Dan Seidman
Humorous Sales Seminars

Sales Seminar Programs include:

Sales Autopsy: Hilarious selling blunders reveal today’s top three sales tactics
The Secret Language of Influence: Your passport to powerful
3 Brilliant Objection-handling Strategies: Bring your toughest
6 objections and leave with 48 great responses!
Create Customized, Casual Conversations that Motivate
Buyers to Buy
and much, much more...

“For lack of training, they lacked knowledge. For lack of knowledge, they lacked confidence. For a lack of confidence, they lacked victory.”

Julius Caesar, internationally acclaimed dead guy




“You can close the gap between you and greatness. Do what we teach and success will come knocking on your bank account.”

Dan Seidman, internationally acclaimed living author of
#1 business best-seller Sales Autopsy


From Dan To Your Team

Media kit

Including Dan’s bio, client lists, testimonials, gifts for your sales team and more

Gifts for your sales team

Sales Comic Book
Revenge of the Reps video game
Sales Horror Stories CD Sales Autopsy book


“Dan was one of the best speakers I have seen in the last five years. Very prepared and connected with the audience.”

“The best sales seminar I’ve seen this week.”

“Best audience engagement of all classes I have attended here.”

-- Comments from The Motivation Show