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Here’s an easy question to answer, but tough to take action on…

Who is responsible for your selling success?

Of course it’s you.

But what if your company doesn’t give you great, even good or basic training? Sure, you could make them more money (and yourself), if you just understood buyers better. Or knew what language motivated others more. Or had a strategy on how to focus on the best prospects, while ignoring the rest.

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Who is responsible for your selling success?

There’s that question lurking in your brain.

Think on this – you remember complaining about classes in school growing up? “When are we ever going to use calculus in the real world?”

You can’t complain today. Because you can invest (the perfect word) in classes that make you more money.

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P.S. Did you know that if you laid down all the really bad prospects in the world, head to toe, that over 76% of them would drown?

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