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The #1 reason I’ve been asked to speak is simply this…

Sales executives and meeting planners complain that all the sales speakers sound the same. They offer re-hashed old thinking and boring “get back to basics” ideas. Sure, plenty of them are great on the platform, but there’s got to be something else out there.

For a UNIQUE AND USEFUL program, you’ll want to bring me in.

I’ve collected over 600 hilarious sales stories during almost 20 years of selling, managing and training salespeople. During my program, the “confession session” is a great way for the audience to hear the incredible blunders of their fellow reps.

Your clients can gain a great, humorous experience and great goodies as well. I have some very unusual products they can buy as registration gifts. These include…

Sales Comic - Nothing Like It on This Planet

The Sales Comic Book:
There is nothing like it on
this planet, possibly any planet!

Revenge of the Reps Sales Game
Revenge of the Reps
video game
Sales Autopsy Book

#1 Business Best-selling
book Sales Autopsy

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